About us

Our new retail store: Keskikuja 4, 03100 Nummela, Finland.

Rockin’ Energy is an eco-friendly spiritually inspired high vibe jewelry brand with a playful attitude and passion to make a difference. Each piece is handcrafted with highest intentions to bring more positive energy into this world. 

We use natural stones, sacred seeds, wooden beads, spiritual symbols and repurposed leather. Vegan options are also available upon your request.

Our process

  • Design an awesome high vibrating piece.
  • Carefully hand pick the stones and other materials.
  • Make it come to life with love.
  • Create a gem card to match it.
  • Tuck it in a handmade jewelry pouch with activation instructions. 
  • Purify the whole shebang with sage or palo santo.
  • Send it off to its new owner in an eco-friendly packaging.
  • Feel it spreading good vibes to whoever comes in contact with it.

 Crystal Energy

Crystals have been used as powerful healing tools since the ancient times; in spiritual ceremonies and medicinal practices, in powders and elixirs, and by wearing them or carrying them on the body. Each crystal has its own unique vibrational frequency and purpose. This means, that different stones have different effects on our energy field. 

 Let your intuition guide you

Trust your intuition when picking your jewelry. There is a belief that a crystal chooses you, not the other way. You will be naturally drawn to the stone(s) with the most beneficial vibration for you at the time. We hope you find something that you absolutely love!




Sacred seeds and wooden beads 

All our seed beads and a portion of the wooden beads are sourced from the city of Vrindavan, India. The natural Tulsi and Neem beads are hand carved by the widows of this holy city. By incorporating these sacred beads in our designs, we offer our support to the women and their families. 


We do not support leather industry. We do not buy scraps or leather remnants from a supplier. Any leather we use is either donated to us or repurposed from flea market finds. If you are a strict vegan, please ask us about vegan options.