The Chinese Coin is an ancient powerful manifesting tool, valued for attracting wealth, luck and endless opportunity.


All animal-based materials are recycled and repurposed. We do not support the leather industry. We only buy pre-owned leather products that would otherwise most likely end up in a landfill.
Trust your intuition when picking your jewelry. There is a belief that a crystal chooses you, not the other way. You will be naturally drawn to the stone(s) with the most beneficial vibration for you at the time. We hope you find something that you absolutely love!
Rockin’ Energy is an earth friendly high vibe lifestyle brand with a playful attitude and passion to make a difference. Each piece is handcrafted with highest intentions to bring more positive energy into this world.

“I absolutely love what I do! I personally witness the healing powers of crystals almost daily. I believe there’s a perfect energetic match somewhere on this earth for every piece of jewelry I create. My designs are inspired by my passion for endless creativity, my lighthearted personalityand love for different cultures. Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting my dream!” Heidi